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Angela Asuncion (she/they) is a Queer Filipina-Canadian intersectional environmentalist, international development researcher, environmental justice planner, writer, photographer, and activist. Since childhood, Angela has held a great passion for upholding human and environmental rights across the world. Their Honors Bachelors in Bio-Resource Management, majoring in Environmental Management served as the impetus for her pursuits in environmental stewardship, policy, and planning. Currently, Angela is a Masters in Science in Rural Planning and Development in International Development Studies Candidate at the University of Guelph. Their interdisciplinary education has defined the importance of holistically intertwining ecological, social and economic assessments necessary to produce sound environmental policy and achievable sustainable development. 

Sustainability Climate Change
Environmental Governance 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Global Equity  Indigenous Rights

Social Justice    Rural Resiliency 

International Development


"It is through social consciousness, collective action, and solidarity, where we find avenues for transformative change
liberation, and equity for all" 

Angela's expertise is embedded in their steadfast dedication to serving communities and ecosystems through research, policy influence, and advocacy. Devoted to learning and unlearning, Angela works to co-create knowledge with the aim of strengthening socio-ecological systems in underserved communities, in Canada and across the world.  Their current work is focused on amplifying silenced voices in mining research and policy, strengthening inter-institutional accountability and upholding human rights in the Global South.

As a strong advocate for civic engagement, Angela volunteers with a number of organizations that aim to build capacity and empower communities.  In the past, Angela has worked on Sustainable Development Goal 15 during an AIESEC Indonesia internship, where she harnessed her extensive environmental science background and translated it into capacity development work across the Yogyakarta region. Currently, she applies her community outreach and research expertise as a member of the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines - Canada (ICHRP) and the Investigate PH initiative. Their work with ICHRP- Canada focuses on the creation of campaigns, lobbying and advocacy related to Canadian political action to human rights violations in the Global South. Investigate PH aims to enhance accountability amongst national and international governments and bring justice to victims in the Philippines. Angela's Investigate PH contributions focus on data analysis and policy writing, with findings delivered to United Nations bodies and the International Criminal Court in 2021. 

Angela is also the Co-Founder of the Graduate International Development Student Association at the University of Guelph and works as a member of the Guelph Institute of Development Studies Anti-Racism Working Group Committee to advance anti-racism initiatives across the department. 


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